Scaleios has been successful in providing dominant technical solutions throughout the years, thus becoming the MOST TRUSTED CLOUD PARTNER among SMEs in God’s Own Country. In the recent past, we have extended our operations to rest of India, Australia, Middle East, Singapore & UK, favouring a wider customer base.

The formula to our success lies in the perfect balance of our expertise in Cloud and allied services, accompanied by, our expansive IT experience and customer centric solutions. In short, we add a lot of value to your Cloud strategies.

All our customers consciously embrace our value packed services and happily inducts Scaleios to make us a part of their extended IT team.


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While there is more than just one solution available, choosing what is best for you needs real expertise.

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Reduce Complexity

Cloud offers a wide variety of services which could solve complex problems in a simpler and cost-effective way. Scaleios build solution architectures only after understanding your business context in detail. Lesser the complexity, the more adaptable it shall be to your changing needs.

Improve Efficiency

Delivering more from the same or lesser investment is certain while you adopt Cloud, provided you have a capable partner who can build the right-sized solution. Efficiency improvements are not just limited to faster application performance, high-availability, improved security and optimal latency.

Future Ready

We can make your Cloud adoption to wipe off all anxieties on long term planning as well as adaptability to business & technology changes. How good is it if your tree can bear apples when you need apples and oranges when you need oranges. It is very much possible with our cloud initiative.

First step to CLOUD

Hardware Refresh

If you are approaching hardware refresh of your Datacenter or servers, it is the greatest opportunity for evaluating Cloud. Lowest Total cost of ownership (TCO) and fastest Return of investment (ROI) assured.

Disaster Recovery

Choosing Cloud for your Disaster Recovery solution could save as much as 80% cost and provide as high as 60% faster recovery for your services during an actual disruption.

Green Field Projects

Needless to say, choosing Cloud could de-risk yourself in any greenfield projects such as new ERP roll-out which demands high upfront investment (CAPEX) for traditional IT infrastructure.

Solution Modernization

Cloud could add wings to your IT solutions. Features such as high availability, load-balancing, auto-scaling, hyper-scaling etc are no longer fancies of a high budget project.

Why Scaleios?

Power of Partnership .

100% Cloud Focus

Our focus helps us to innovate faster than our competition and we have no conflicts of interest to work with most of your existing IT partners .

Delivery Capability

We are young but fresh and dynamic team who can bring diverse skills to better your IT service delivery.

Flexible Support Plans

We are as elastic as the Cloud and can scale seamlessly along with your business growth.

Nearshore Experience

Our technology driven delivery model provides efficient communication & collaboration making as work as an extended IT team for our customers.

We’re here to assure your success on Cloud

Through our focused approach, dynamic delivery capability & value proposition.

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