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“80% of all enterprise and mission-critical workloads will move to the cloud by 2025.” – Forbes


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These are the four services offered by us

Cloud transformation is a journey which is much beyond just migrating your on-premise workloads. It involves a careful examination of workloads to categorize which is cloud-ready and which needs re-engineering while migrating to Cloud. Risk assessments are not limited to identification of dependencies & building mitigation plans to ensure a seamless migration.

A successful cloud transformation strategy should assure the customer the true benefits such as higher performance, better agility, lower cost and improved security. We re-assures your success.

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Creating a modern workplace has become a key milestone in an organization’s digital transformation journey. A carefully planned rollout of a modern workplace solution should not only improve the operational efficiency of your organization but also enhances the IT security controls of your organization.

Remote workforce shall be the least of your worries with the ability to control access to your valuable information at the most granular level and seamless mobility from any endpoint devices.

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With IT being highly crucial for smooth operation of any business, a proper Disaster Recovery Solution enables your organization to quickly & smoothly resume business operations during unplanned disruptions. Cloud simplifies the puzzle of how to restore your IT services during both natural disasters like floods, earthquakes etc and also man-made disasters like Ransomware attacks, accidental deletions etc.

Fail to plan is planning to fail. Recovery Point Objectives as low as five minutes for a multi-city DR solution is possible without having to invest heavily. We can tailor-make DR solutions to match your Business Continuity Objectives and budget

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Focus is the success mantra of today. If the complexity of IT is distracting you from your core business objectives, we have an enthusiastic 24/7 team who can be your extended IT desk. Your commitments are our commitments too. Our focus and industry experience shall help you stay afloat in the technology wave.

We have very affordable service packages to suit the budget of Small & Medium enterprises. We deliver better value for your investment. Our customer testimonials speak for us.

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Our core capabilities

Our systematic approach reassures success.


Careful evaluation of your present environment to segregate what is cloud -ready and what needs re-engineering. Identify dependencies between workloads and to external systems.

Understand your present pain points, immediate & longer-term expectations and constraints.



Define scope, out of scope, assumptions, dependencies & limitations.

Define delivery milestones & formulate execution strategy to minimize the impact and fulfil all the objectives within any constraints identified.

Freeze on solution architecture, specifications & estimated budget.


Define low-level configurations from scope and prioritization of tasks based on dependencies.

Environment preparation, Workload level configurations & integrations between workloads or external systems.

Migration of data from source environment & cutover as per the planned schedule.


Proactive monitoring of all systems and services for performance and uptime as per the solution expectations.

Incident or Problem Management, Configuration or Change management as per the Service Level Agreements. Release management activities such as Updates & Patch roll-outs.

Realtime dashboards & monthly reports.


Continual improvement of performance & uptime from Service Level Management.

Proactive Capacity Planning based on insights from monitoring team & forecasts from the business team.

Automation of repetitive tasks & preventive maintenance based on insights from incident trends.

Case Studies

While there is more than just one solution available, choosing what is best for you needs real expertise.

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Reduce Complexity

Cloud offers a wide variety of services which could solve complex problems in a simpler and cost-effective way. Scaleios build solution architectures only after understanding your business context in detail. Lesser the complexity, the more adaptable it shall be to your changing needs.

Improve Efficiency

Delivering more from the same or lesser investment is certain while you adopt Cloud, provided you have a capable partner who can build the right-sized solution. Efficiency improvements are not just limited to faster application performance, high-availability, improved security and optimal latency.

Future Ready

We can make your Cloud adoption to wipe off all anxieties on long term planning as well as adaptability to business & technology changes. How good is it if your tree can bear apples when you need apples and oranges when you need oranges. It is very much possible with our cloud initiative.

First step to CLOUD

Hardware Refresh

If you are approaching hardware refresh of your Datacenter or servers, it is the greatest opportunity for evaluating Cloud. Lowest Total cost of ownership (TCO) and fastest Return of investment (ROI) assured.

Disaster Recovery

Choosing Cloud for your Disaster Recovery solution could save as much as 80% cost and provide as high as 60% faster recovery for your services during an actual disruption.

Green Field Projects

Needless to say, choosing Cloud could de-risk yourself in any greenfield projects such as new ERP roll-out which demands high upfront investment (CAPEX) for traditional IT infrastructure.

Solution Modernization

Cloud could add wings to your IT solutions. Features such as high availability, load-balancing, auto-scaling, hyper-scaling etc are no longer fancies of a high budget project.

We’re here to assure your success on Cloud

Through our focused approach, dynamic delivery capability & value proposition.

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